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News - February 2018


February 2018


Boyss-Sound-e-Scapes releases the "3rd Year Free Pack"  28th February 2018

Boyss-Sound-e-Scapes has released the 3rd Year Free Pack.

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Ecliptiq Audio releases free 303 emulator for Kontakt       28th February 2018

Ecliptiq Audio has released Magiq, a free 303 bass instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt featuring 7 octaves of saw and square sounds.

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Free Yocto2 drum machine samples by Sean Hanni          27th February 2018

Sean Hanni has released a free collection of drum samples recorded from the Yocto drum machine by e-licktronic.

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Tesselode releases Mika Micro v2.0 free synthesizer plugin 26th February 2018

Tesselode has released a first alpha of version 2.0 of the Mika Micro, a small, expressive subtractive synthesizer instrument for Windows.

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beatassist.eu updates free BitMeex to v1.02 for Windows  26th February 2018

beatassist.eu has updated BitMeex to version 1.02. The VSTi can now send the Master through channel 1 and the PFL through channel 2. (useful if the user does not have a 2.1 audio card).

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1 GIG of free acoustic drum loops by SampleScience   25th February 2018

1 GIG of free acoustic drum loops released by SampleScience.

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Xenakios releases PaulXStretch v1.0.2 free plugin for extreme time stretching   24th February 2018

Xenakios has released PaulXStretch v1.0.2, free plugin VST2/AU for extreme time stretching and other spectral processing of audio.

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Free Oberheim, DSI, Yamaha DX7, Roland Super JV & Moog patches for Kontakt  22nd February 2018

Karanyi has released SYNTHS-1 Mini Collection, free Kontakt instrument library featuring the sounds of some vintage synthesizers.

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Audacity updated to v2.2.2                                             22nd February 2018

Audacity, the free, open source, cross-platform audio software for multi-track recording and editing, has been updated to 2.2.2.

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Borth Audio releases Grate Bass Lite free instrument for Kontakt 21st February 2018

Borth Audio has released Grate Bass Lite, free version of Grate Bass with two of the five playing styles available from the full version.

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Earcandy releases Earcandy Gratis Male Voices free for Kontakt 21st February 2018

Earcandy has released Earcandy Gratis Male Voices, free instrument for NI Kontakt.

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Autodafe updates free Mega Drum Machines Collection for Kontakt to v2.0  19th February 2018

Autodafe has updated free Mega Drum Machines Collection for Kontakt to v2.0.

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Flintpope releases Brittle free instrument plugin (VST/AU)   19th February 2018

Flintpope has released Bittle plugin, a free demo instrument that includes some of the sounds from the Bittle soundset for Logic’s Sculpture, also available as a free download.

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HY-Plugins releases HY-Lofi2 free bit quantizer, waveshaper & filter plugin    19th February 2018

HY-Plugins has released HY-Lofi2, an effect plugin that processes audio to give it a low fidelity sound.

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105 free sine and sub samples by SampleRadar            16th February 2018

105 free sine and sub samples released by SampleRadar.

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Free SampleScience player now available                       15th February 2018

SampleScience has released SampleScience Player, free ROMpler plugin for Windows and macOS

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Flintpope releases Hornfish free instrument for Reaktor   15th February 2018

Flintpope has released Hornfish, free instrument for NI Reaktor great for creating evolving pads.

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Sennheiser releases AMBEO Orbit free binaural panner plugin   15th February

Sennheiser has released AMBEO Orbit, free binaural panner plugin, designed to facilitate mixing immersive binaural content.

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Free distortion plugin Temper is now free (VST, VST3, AU) 13th February 2018

Free distortion plugin: Creative Intent just announced their phase distortion plugin, Temper, is now free. (VST, VST3, AU)

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BasicComp, ITDPanner, DRAnalyzer free VST effect plugins 13th February 2018

BasicComp, ITDPanner, DRAnalyzer free VST effect plugins released by Bakuage (BasicComp).

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Free FX 2018 sample packs released by Ghosthack         13th February 2018

Ghosthack has also released its first free sample pack of the year: Free FX 2018.

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Thomas Mundt updates free LoudMax to v1.20 for Mac, Win, and Winamp 13th February 2018

Thomas Mundt has updated LoudMax to version 1.20 for Mac OS and Windows. The Winamp version has also been updated.

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Infected Sounds announces Mini-g VST plugin synth is now free   12th February 2018

Infected Sounds has announced that the previously commercially released Mini-g VST plugin synth is now free.

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Xenakios releases PaulXStretch v1.0.0. free VST2/AU plugin for extreme time stretching   09th February 2018

Xenakios has released PaulXStretch v1.0.0, free VST2/AU plugin for extreme time stretching and other spectral processing of audio.

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HY-Plugins releases HY-Filter3 (free version) VST/AU   09th February 2018

HY-Plugins has released HY-Filter3 (free version), a multimode filter VST/AU plugin for Windows and Mac.

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Full Bucket Music ports the qyooo to Mac OS X (Free)   08th February 2018

Full Bucket Music has announced that the qyooo is now available on both Windows and Mac OS.

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Free analog sound effects by RetroMagicSounds     07th February 2018

Free analog sound effects released by RetroMagicSounds. This unique pack includes 30 analog sound effects. The samples have been carefully recorded using 100% analog gear and are suitable for various music genres.

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TBProAudio releases ISOL8 v1.0.4 free mix monitoring tool plugin 04th February 2018

TBProAudio has released ISOL8 v1.0.4, free mix monitoring tool in VST, VST3, AU, AAX, and RTAS plugin formats for Windows and Mac.

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Free updated auxiliary percussion & cardboard tube drum for SFZ 04th February 2018

Michael Picher has released updated versions of two free sample libraries in SFZ format, featuring re-exported 48 kHz/24-bit samples for a less compressed sound.

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MusE free multitrack virtual studio for Linux updated to v3.0.2  02nd February 2018

MusE, the free multitrack virtual studio for Linux, has been updated to v3.0.2. This is another fix release that mainly improves MusE for packagers.

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TWENTY9Audio releases Mono Heat – Alternative Pop free sample pack made with the Minibrute synth  02nd February 2018

TWENTY9Audio has released Mono Heat – Alternative Pop, a free sample pack with a collection of sounds made with the Minibrute synthesizer by Arturia.

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SoundBridge releases RitMix: Drum Machine v1.04 free drum machine  02nd February 2018

SoundBridge has released RitMix: Drum Machine v1.04, free drum machine containing a 16-step sequencer.

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