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News - September 2018


September 2018


MIA Laboratories releases MIA Muscle, MIA Thin and MIA Fat free plugin effects 08th October 2018

MIA Laboratories has released MIA Muscle, MIA Thin and MIA Fat, free smart and easy-to-use tools for all audio users.

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Flowstoners releases Quilcom Wavemaker 4 free effect plugin 30th September 2018

Flowstoners has released Quilcom Wavemaker 4, a creation tool for waveform geeks.

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KlirrFactory releases FILTA free stereo doubly-resonant Lowpass filter VST2/VST3 plugin 30th September 2018

KlirrFactory has released FILTA, free stereo doubly-resonant Lowpass filter VST2/VST3 plugin for Windows and Mac.

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Mathieu Carre releases Distortion free distortion effect plugin 28th September 2018

Mathieu Carre has released Distortion, free distortion effect plugin based on a graphical interface for Windows and Mac.

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SynthMagic releases M.P.C Electronics analog drums free wav sample collection 27th September 2018

SynthMagic has released 1980's M.P.C Electronics analog drum synth, free wav format sample collection.

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Full Bucket Music releases Deputy Mark II v1.2.4 free plugin synth 26th September 2018

Full Bucket Music has released Deputy Mark II v1.2.4, free plugin synth VST/AU.

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Surge synth is now open-source                                     25th September 2018

As of 21th September 2018, Surge stopped being a commerical product and became an open-source project released under the GNU GPL v3 license.

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BipTunia Synths releases Microtonal Poly Worms free VST synth 24th September 2018

BipTunia Synths has released Microtonal Poly Worms, free VST synth for Windows.

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TBProAudio releases dpMeter 3 v1.2.5 free effect plugin 24th September 2018

TBProAudio has released dpMeter 3 v1.2.5, free precise digital audio multi channel meter including RMS.

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Free plugin synthesizer Lynx available as 64-bit VST3   22nd September 2018

Lynx is now available as 64-bit VST3, in addition to the former 32 and 64-bit formats. Be aware that VST2 versions might no longer be available in the future.

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Spitfire Audio releases Charango free LABS series instrument 21st September 2018

Spitfire Audio has announced the release of Charango, the latest virtual instrument in the LABS series.

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Make some music now releases The Haunted free virtual instrument 21st September 2018

Make some music now has released The Haunted, free virtual instrument great for spooky, creepy and scary sounds.

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Devil Soundz updates free Devil Reverb v1.6.3 for Windows 19th September 2018

Devil Soundz has updated Devil Reverb to v1.6.3, free effect plugin for Windows.

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Dead Duck Software releases Dead Duck Deducktion free VST synth for Windows 19th September 2018

Dead Duck Software has released Dead Duck Deducktion, free subtractive synthesizer in VST 2.4 format for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit hosts.

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Loops de la Crème releases free LoFi Drum Kit sample pack  18th September 2018

Loops de la Crème is offering a free taste of its upcoming LoFi Drum Kits sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt. releases free LoFi Drum Kit sample pack.

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Max Project releases T.Rex 1982 free plugin Drum Machine 18th September 2018

Max Project has released T.Rex 1982, free  VST/AU plugin vintage drum machine for Windows and Mac.

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Infected Sounds releases Disco Polo 2 free plugin synth   15th September 2018

Infected Sounds has released Disco Polo 2, free plugin synth for Windows and Mac.

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smaolab releases Tarabia Distortion free effect plugin for Mac   15th September 2018

smaolab has released Tarabia Distortion, free effect plugin VST/AU for Mac.

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Strainwave releases StrainwaveSCA2018 free VST analogue synth  13th September 2018

Strainwave has released StrainwaveSCA2018, free VST analogue synth for Windows.

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Monocasual Laboratories releases free Giada 0.15.2 for Linux, Windows, and macOS  13th September 2018

Monocasual Laboratories have released Giada 0.15.2 Smith Machine for Linux, Windows and macOS, inspired by the so-called weight machine used for weight training.

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Beat releases Beat DRMR free drum sampler VST/AU plugin 11th September 2018

Beat has released Beat DRMR, free drum sampler VST/AU plugin for Windows and macOS.

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Tilt Audio releases Mono Repeater free delay plugin VST/AU 11th September 2018

Tilt Audio has released Mono Repeater, free classic digital delay simulation of an analog tape delay VST/AU.

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Full Bucket Music releases ModulAir v0.7.3 free VST/AU synth  08th September 2018

Full Bucket Music has released ModulAir v0.7.3, free VST synth for Windows and Mac VST/AU.

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Sonus Instruments releases BassOne free Kontakt instrument 08th September 2018

Sonus Instruments has released BassOne, free sample library for NI kontakt 5.

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256 free cassette club samples by SampleRadar        07th September 2018

256 free cassette club samples released by SampleRadar.

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forward audio forward audio updates free beta Phase Alignment plugin faSampleDelay  07th September 2018

forward audio has updated faSampleDelay to version 0.96.0 Beta. Please note that projects saved with older versions can't be loaded with the new version.

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Hora Music releases Pure Mono Synth free VST plugin synth  07th September 2018

Hora Music has released Pure Mono Synth, free VST plugin synth for Windows.

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Thomas Mundt updates free LoudMax to v1.23 for Win, Mac, Linux and Winamp  07th September 2018

Thomas Mundt has updated LoudMax to version 1.23 for Mac OS, Windows and Linux. The Winamp version has also been updated.

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Digital Systemic Emulations releases Syncla-X [Large Version] free VST synth  05th September 2018

Digital Systemic Emulations has released Syncla-X [Large Version], free emulation of the Synclavier II FM Unit... Extended.

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Full Bucket Music releases MPS free synth plugin for Windows and macOS  05th September 2018

Full Bucket Music has released MPS, a free software synthesizer plugin for Windows and macOS.

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Ignite Amps releases ProF.E.T. guitar distortion free effect plugin 04th September 2018

Ignite Amps has released ProF.E.T., free digital emulation of a high gain distortion preamp/stomp-box for guitar.

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lkjb Plugins releases TinyQ free equalizer plugin VST/AU 04th September 2018

lkjb Plugins has released TinyQ, a free equalizer effect plugin inspired by a DAW’s channel EQ.

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Waverunner Audio releases ML Brass free Kontakt instrument  04th September 2018

Waverunner Audio has released ML Brass, free instrument for NI Kontakt.

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Tesselode updates free Cocoa Delay v1.0 stable for Windows 03rd September 2018

Tesselode has updated free Cocoa Delay to version 1.0.

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