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Metronome (freeware)

Google translate from German:

"Keep rhythm is very important.At the latest when you together with othersplay, you have the easy ride.The way is simple:Practice every day for a few minuteswith a metronome or drum machine. For now, suffice first this metronome:"

Developer: longsound.de

DOWNLOAD  126 kb


Arpeggiator VST BlueARP v2.11 (freeware)

BlueARP - VST MIDI Arpeggiator with pattern sequencer stile, designed for electronic music genres.

BlueArp is to be used as a VST instrument, but it doesn’t generate any sound itself, it generated MIDI messages, so it should be connected to another synth, hardware of software. 

Developer: graywolf2004.net


DOWNLOAD  1,24 mb


MultiFreek Junior (freeware)

MultiFreek Junior is a freeware multi-channel spectral analyzer (its 32-bit only) for Windows.

Main features:

- Up to 7 different tracks.
- Distinct name and color for each graph.
- Two different processing modes - efficient and precise.

Developer: UFO Scientific

DOWNLOAD  342 kb


Guitar Tuner (freeware)

Google translate from German:

"The guitar can tune by ear, is one of the most important skills of a guitarist. No matter what you play; the guitar is not tuned correctly, all sounds like nothing.

A guitar tuner is probably the best way to tune a guitar. But it should also other methods be controlled, for example, the listening test."

Developer: longsound.de

DOWNLOAD  1.82 mb


Beat Counter v2.1 (freeware)

Beat Counter is a simple plugin designed to facilitate beatmatching software and turntables. It displays the current tempo in beats per minute (BPM), and an accumulated average over the last few seconds.

Beat Counter is the perfect tool for DJ’s that want to integrate computer effects with turntables or a live band.

The file includes Windows, Mac and Linux versions.

Developer: teragonaudio.com

DOWNLOAD  20.62 mb


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